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Electricity supplies for rural homes & properties.
Extended underground mains installation and dependable off-grid power systems.

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11kw Winaico Array

Modern Power specialises in electricity power systems for rural properties. This will generally be an extended underground cable run or off-grid solar power system.

Depending on the distance from the grid, the terrain and proposed load one solution will typically be better suited.

We can also do small stand alone solar systems for remote communications sites, pumps, security cameras etc.

Based at Batesford and generally servicing within an hour or so of Geelong. This includes the Bellarine peninsula, Great Ocean road, Otways, Colac, Golden Plains, Ballarat & Brisbane Ranges districts.

As an experienced registered electrical contractor (18026) and C.E.C. accredited designer & installer. I personally deliver your project from start to end.

If you have a property you would like a quote for or you're looking for some general advice and costings before you purchase a rural property please feel free to contact me.

About off-grid power systems

Most systems will require some power from a generator during winter and the other odd day here and there. Other times there will be typically be a surplus of solar power during the day that could be used for irrigation, pool pumps, home heating/cooling, water heating etc.

Home heating should primarily be with wood or LPG, although using reverse cycle AC for short periods is typically ok.

Please speak to me about your water heating requirements before purchasing a “solar hot water system” as there is typically surplus electricity that can be used to assist.

If you are thinking of a heat pump hot water system I highly recommend the Sanden units. They use 1kw when running, work well at low ambient temperatures and are very very quiet compared to other units.

Using proven equipment that has the support of local manufactures and distributors you can be assured that your system will give years of reliable operation.  Remote monitoring enables myself and owners to easily keep an eye on their system so potential issues may be caught early.

Sample Remote Monitoring Dashboard

phone or sms: 0439 988 865

please sms if I'm unable to take your call